The government also has a demand for jammers

The government also has a demand for jammers

Public wifi security issues are gaining more and more attention as more and more people are connecting to public wifi which is more valuable to hackers. Hence, portable jammer entered the market and became a tool for protecting data security. In order to protect your wireless network, it is necessary to purchase a wifi jammer as an information security tool.

There are many ways that students use cell phones, and their main purposes are different, but almost all of them have nothing to do with learning. They are more interesting. The way to learn is very bad. The influence of cell phones occupies most of the time. They rarely spend time studying and resting, which not only affects their study, but also harms their body and their growth. In addition, the school knows that the use of cell phones by students will greatly affect the various grading factors of the school and affect the style of construction of the school, which has a very negative impact on the development of the school. school. Therefore, jammers have become one of the necessary equipment in large schools.

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A variety of large and medium-sized exams: face many exams, from small undergraduate high school entrance exams, large-scale entrance exams to college entrance exams, exams employment in the public service and other national examinations. And in order to prevent students from cheating, it is necessary to use portable GPS jammers and other technical means to protect the signals in the room during various large and medium exams in order to meet the needs that cannot be satisfied with cell phones. Communicate and browse the Internet to protect yourself against the appearance of candidates.

Party and government agencies, businesses: party and government agencies, businesses, etc. also have a demand for cell phone jammers. It can be said that the frequency of meetings of parties, government agencies, companies, etc. is very high. In order for participants to focus more on meetings and learn more deeply about the spirit of meetings, it is also necessary to prevent the use of cell phones.

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