The examination institute needs 2,000 examination room jammers, or buy or rent, how to do it cost-effectively?

The examination institute needs 2,000 examination room jammers, or buy or rent, how to do it cost-effectively?

Recently, a customer inquired about the education examination institute in a certain province, which plans to deploy 2,000 test room interference devices during the middle school and college entrance examinations in a few months to ensure the test room environment. However, whether to buy or rent the 2,000 sets of signal blocker in the examination room has not yet been decided. Please ask us for our opinion.

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According to the construction standards and requirements of standardized examination rooms, it has been the "standard" for each examination room to be equipped with an examination room interference meter for many years. Signal jammers will be used in the exam. If you only rent one time and deal with the exam for a few days, the first is the quantity level of 2000 signal jammers. As a manufacturer of jammers in the examination room, they are usually not willing to prepare such a large number. The inventory of the signal jammer is provided to provide the rental service of the signal jammer, because it involves the inventory storage of the signal jammer, the backlog of funds in the inventory, the packaging and disassembly of the signal jammer during the rental process, and the labor consumption during distribution and recycling. Therefore, the test room interference meter manufacturers will not actively respond to the rental mode.

From the perspective of the Educational Examination Institute, the test room jammer can also be regarded as a product that can be reused many times. Although the one-time investment is large, the cost and price of the signal jammer are relatively affordable at present, and the bulk purchase is also a preferential price. , so our recommendation is to buy as the best policy.

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