The difference between the use of mobile phone signal blockers indoors and outdoors

The difference between the use of mobile phone signal blockers indoors and outdoors

Some individual customers often ask us about the performance requirements of mobile phone signal jammers that need to be used outdoors: when used outdoors, the effective shielding distance should reach tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. It must be a high-power mobile phone signal blocker that can meet this requirement, but when it comes to the price of high-power blocking equipment, these individual customers are often intimidated, because, at the price they expected, it actually belongs to The price of low-power cell phone jammer. Moreover, their original idea was to use low-power shielding equipment, and even if the use environment was changed to outdoors, the shielding effect should be similar. So, is this the reality? What is the difference in the effect of mobile phone signal jammers used indoors and outdoors?

The conclusion we give is: If you use the same cell phone signal jammer, when used indoors and outdoors, the effect of the two will be very different! Moreover, in these two use environments, low-power mobile phone shielding devices are generally used indoors, and high-power mobile phone signal shielding devices must be used outdoors.

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The difference between indoor and outdoor is the difference in the strength of the received signal from the base station. The outdoor signal strength is generally more than ten dB higher than the indoor signal strength, or even more. This depends on the wall material of the building, the size of the doors and windows of the building, and the distance from the base station. A low-power mobile phone signal jammer can effectively shield more than ten meters indoors, but when it is used outdoors, the effective shielding distance may be less than 3 meters.

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