The best jammer for interference with wiretap equipment

The best jammer for interference with wiretap equipment

The spy is designed to transmit the sound of the room picked up by a small microphone outside via radio waves. Since there are several hundred meters of radio waves, the person who installed the wiretap listens to the sound from a safe place with a dedicated receiver. And when there is no time to discover a wiretapping device, it is called a "wiretapping jammer". Let's look at how to use it in detail.

Eavesdropper to make it hard to take back the voice

If you want to make sure room sound doesn't leak through to prying ears, this is also a way to talk in a small voice. The thing is, you have to make it hard to read, so that the voice can't be picked up by the eavesdropper's little microphone.

However, since the microphone of the eavesdropper has high sound-collecting ability, even in a quiet room, even if you speak in a low voice, it picks up sound firmly according to the installation place. Turning up the TV and radio volume is good to increase the noise, but it doesn't make the conversation itself.

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There is a "wiretapping jammer" which makes it difficult for the wiretapping device to pick up the voice. A spy signal jammer makes it difficult to hear voices and prevents eavesdropping by making a piece called "Sa-ser" an interference sound that matches the frequency band of the human voice.

Listening to a jammer at a meeting in the first place

The concrete microphone allows room sound to be heard along the wall without using radio waves. Eavesdropping interceptors can also be used to combat concrete microphones. There is also a model with a specialized function in concrete micro measures to transmit vibrations to the wall and disturb it.

The situation in which a conference is organized for the first time in which such a wiretap jammer will be useful. Since a portable wiretap jammer is portable, it is an effective way to defend against wiretapping if you don't have time to search and find a wiretap device.

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