The automatic mahjong machine in the chess and card room also needs to rely on the signal jammer to prevent cheating

The automatic mahjong machine in the chess and card room also needs to rely on the signal jammer to prevent cheating

Some chess and card room owners even installed signal jammer in their chess and card rooms. Why? It turned out that the bosses also have a last resort. The use of signal blockers is not used to block mobile phone signals, but for those automatic mahjong machines, mainly to prevent some malicious people from using wireless remote controls to secretly control the automatic mahjong machine, thereby changing the card deal and the result of the game.

Once the automatic mahjong machine is secretly installed with cheating equipment, these cheaters use the hidden remote control to control the game process and the results of winning and losing, and obtain improper benefits. This behavior is indeed disgusting. After such a situation, you often don't dare to directly reveal the facts. Then, you can only make the remote control fail by turning on the signal blocker, thus maintaining a relatively fair game rule.

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The signal jammer in this scenario generally only needs to install a few frequency bands that are often used by the remote control for signal shielding. The commonly used communication frequency bands for remote control are usually 433MHz, WiFi2.4G, WiFi5.8G and so on.

As a professional manufacturer of signal jammers, we can fully provide products and technical support in the face of the demand of the chess and card room owner for the purpose of preventing automatic mahjong machines from cheating, but here we must also declare: the installation of signal jammers And use, must be used in reasonable and legal occasions! If the signal jammer is used for illegal purposes, such as gambling and gambling, then our company will firmly oppose it!

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