Telephone jammer that forcibly cuts off telephone communication

Telephone jammer that forcibly cuts off telephone communication

Today, we advised all universities to install smartphone jammers at the test site to prevent copying. It is permitted to install low power jammers on the test site to prevent candidates from using radio frequency based equipment and using unfair means. In the exams conducted, some students use Bluetooth and earphones to communicate with external handlers. Jammers are easily available on the internet. This jamming disables mobile phones and Wi-Fi only with GPS.

There are jammers developed for the army. Complex GPS jammer can block different networks. The effective range can block the strength of the power supply and the jamming signal. Tracking devices that may be in the car will be disabled. It may sound harmless enough. Mobile phones within the area of ​​the mobile phone jammer normally emit radio waves to convey their location information to the nearest base station. You can maintain a space where you can relax and listen to music.

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GPS barrier can guarantee safety and stability. Jammers can be said to be devices that become more necessary as mobile phones become more widespread. This device uses proprietary technology. You can forcibly block mobile phone communication. Radio waves from mobile phone base stations are disabled on the premises. There are students who are secretly using mobile phones. Using the smartphone electromagnetic wave cover during class is for educational purposes only. It is used as a measure for students who do not stop using mobile phones.

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