Talking about the influence of mobile phone signal jammer on people

Talking about the influence of mobile phone signal jammer on people

   The cell phone jammer currently on the market generally have effective frequencies: 869——894MHz; 825——960MHz; 1805——1880MHz and 1900——1990MHz, etc. The effective frequency bands are CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, and PCS1900. It can handle a range of 40 meters in diameter, using a DC-DC converter to insert the working voltage, and the output voltage is 9V.

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  Operation method

   1. Select the area where the mobile phone data signal must be cut off, and place the cut-off device on the desktop or wall of the area.

   2. After installation, switch on the power supply of the disconnector and turn on the main power switch.

  3. After the equipment is connected, press and hold the main power switch to operate. At this time, all the mobile phones that were turned on on the spot were searching for the network, and the base station data signal was lost. It is difficult for both the host and the called to create a voice call contact.

  Is the signal jammer harmful to the body?

The emergence of mobile phone signal jammers has a great suppression effect on the increasingly serious "mobile phone noise pollution". However, as a mobile communication technology interferes with machinery and equipment, whether the electromagnetic wave radiation caused by it will cause harm to health, It has also become a topic of concern to everyone. In addition, the mobile phone shields machinery and equipment in the installation and application stage, because it has a lot of subjectivity and blindness in terms of the number of installations, signal strength, covering methods, and radiation source manipulation. In the pursuit of perfection and reasonable interference and shielding, some venues maximize profits, and even blindly follow the trend to introduce high-power mobile phones to interfere with the installation of equipment applications. The harm and damage to the body must cause anxiety.

   is another product of people's "mobile phone signal jammer", it is masking the mobile phone data signal to ensure the security of network information, in addition, there is no doubt that it will have a great adverse effect. However, when people look at problems, they should see the basic contradictions. Just as people do not use fruit knives because they will scratch their hands when cleaning bowls with fruit knives, people will not reject “mobile phone signal jammers” because they may cause poor radiation sources to the body. After all, the "mobile phone signal jammer" ensures network information security and contributes to social stability as its key contribution. It is important to ensure the safety of places with high safety performance such as prison cells, detention centers, and major conferences.

   As far as the quality of the mobile phone signal shielding system software is concerned, there will be no safety hazards to distinguish based on the current level of understanding.

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