Some common questions about mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room

Some common questions about mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room

Nowadays, whether it is the college entrance examination or the CET 4 or 6 certificate test, mobile phone signal jammers are required in the examination room. However, many people do not understand the working principle of the signal blocker in the examination room, or even do not know which signals can be blocked by the mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room.

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Now, the common test room signal blockers on the market can basically block all operators' signals, including common signals such as WIFI and GPS, so as to prevent any candidate from taking advantage of the opportunity. In addition, according to the frequency band of the signal, the interference signal of the signal blocker in the examination room will also be different. Now that technology is more and more developed, with the upgrade of mobile phone signal blockers in the examination room, the ability to completely block 5G signals has been basically achieved. With the development of science, the signal jammers in the examination room have also experienced survival and elimination, which has become inevitable. In use this has become inevitable. Test room signal jammers are generally used to transmit specific signals to interfere with mobile phones. They are only used to block mobile phone signals. However, using mobile phones near the test room will also cause signal interference. However, the precise control of the shielding distance will not affect signals elsewhere. quality too.

Nowadays, the market development prospects of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room are very good. The shielding effect is obvious, the after-sales service is guaranteed, and there are test reports from specialized agencies, so you can buy with confidence.

Jammer power size: generally divided into low power, medium power and high power. Small power: total power 3W-80W. Medium power total power 80W-160W, high power: total power 160W-800W. Except for special occasions, it is generally not recommended to use high-power signal jammers, which will seriously interfere with the signal transmission of the base station, and also have a certain degree of radiation to the human body. For standardized examination rooms and conference rooms, it is recommended to use low-power devices. Even if one low-power device cannot achieve the effect in some places, multiple cellular devices can be selected for deployment. This effect is better than the effect of using a single medium or high power, and the radiation is not so large.


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Third, the appearance is not particularly important compared to the jammer, but the structure of the setting is different. From the appearance, jammers can be divided into external antennas and internal antennas. The external antennas are externally extended and extend outwards. Because of the externally extended antennas, the effect of external antennas is more stable. The machine with external antenna, in addition to the external power adapter of the antenna, is also external, so compared with the built-in antenna, it occupies a larger space; generally speaking, the antenna and power supply of the built-in antenna are installed in the case, occupying a larger area Small and easy to use.

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