signal jammer

signal jammer

It was created to help people with various problems arising from cell phones, radio signals and wireless connections. Each of it is designed to work within a specific frequency range.

Now, the design of jammers is more and more inclined towards comprehensive performance. This means jammers can block more and more frequencies

This device is manufactured to block signals in environments where cell phone activity may not be required, such as theaters, churches, classrooms, libraries, and operating rooms.

Portable personal jammers allow their owners to block other people nearby from using their phones. Easy to use and carry. Desktop jammers have better jamming performance and greater jamming range

Classification of signal jammers

1. According to the shape, it can be divided into: handheld signal jammer, desktop signal jammer, pull box signal jammer, base station signal jammer

2. The basic shielded signals can be divided into: GPS jammers, cell phone signal jammers, WiFi jammers, drone jammers, multi-function jammers

Currently, such devices are being used in many fields. Now it has been widely used in schools, government offices, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, theaters and other places.

10 Bands Portable High Power Cell Phone Jammer Jamming GPS WiFi 4G

Why you need a signal jammer

1. With the advancement of science and technology, our life is becoming more and more convenient. However, it also brings a lot of trouble:

Phone calls may be tapped, WiFi may be compromised, electronic devices with cameras may be compromised, and personal privacy is greatly threatened. Not to mention the ubiquitous drone and GPS positioning. In order to protect your personal privacy and communication security, it may be necessary to try using jammers.

2. Due to the growing need to control the use of cellular phones in public places such as places of worship, theaters, libraries, etc., the purchase of inexpensive mobile blocking devices has become a necessity for a more civilized society.

3. With the popularization of smart devices, in addition to the above notification places, other places also need this device

There is no doubt that email and the Internet are absolutely necessary in most offices. But the phone? In a survey by Pew Research, only 24% of adults who work full-time or part-time rank cell phones or smartphones as "very important" to get work done. In other studies, 50% of bosses believe mobile phones are bad for workplace productivity.

Just as parents have the ability and right to cut off Wi-Fi at home, they should have the option to cut off the cellular signal if needed. Holding the phone in your hand so it can't go into airplane mode, turning the house into a Faraday cage is extreme and only a tin foil hat crowd can try. However, you should opt for a home cell phone jammer whenever you want or need it.

However, in the US, if you own a car, you will also need this device. Why do you say this way? There are two reasons. The first reason is GPS tracking. With GPS trackers becoming more common in the US, you never know when you'll be tracked. The second reason is driving safety. As we all know, today's young people cannot live without their mobile phones. It's not hard to imagine them using it while driving. This is very dangerous! ! ! So we need a jammer to stop them from using the phone

In addition to the above equipment, an anti-tracking jammer is also very necessary. Now, since GPS tracking devices are so easy to buy, they're easy to install in cars. At this point, a GPS Jammer is required.

Of course, with the proliferation of drones, more and more organizations and individuals need to use drone jammers to manage them.

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