Shenzhen topsignaljammer Electronics Co., Ltd. teaches you how to choose a suitable mobile phone signal jammer

Shenzhen topsignaljammer Electronics Co., Ltd. teaches you how to choose a suitable mobile phone signal jammer

5G mobile phone signal jammer

With the current popularity of mobile networks, the application of 5G mobile phone signal jammers is also very extensive. Signal jammers are mainly used in: examination room shielding, conference room shielding, government unit shielding, prison detention center shielding and other occasions. The applications of cell phone signal shielding instruments are different in different occasions.

When purchasing a mobile phone signal blocker, you must choose a product that can test the shielding effect. During the purchase process, you must pay attention to whether all the current mobile phone signal networks can be blocked. The power and function of the mobile phone signal jammer are different, and the effect is also different. Therefore, you must choose a signal shielding instrument brand that is suitable for the occasion and has a good shielding effect. Mobile phone signal jammers are widely used in examination room signal jammers. According to the past experience of anti-cheating in the examination room and the problems that have arisen, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing a good mobile phone jammer in the examination room:

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1. According to the power and scope of application of the mobile phone signal jammer, it can be divided into several types: dedicated for conference rooms, dedicated for troops, dedicated to cell phone jammers for prisons, dedicated to various examination rooms, dedicated to gas stations and dedicated to confidential places, etc. Different types of shields have different prices. Depending on the surrounding environment, in order to better play its role, the examination room must choose a mobile phone signal shielding device dedicated to the examination room.

2. Due to the rapid upgrading of modern mobile phone networks, especially after the issuance of 5G signal licenses, the network speed function of mobile phones is more powerful, and the convenient and fast Internet access function also increases the difficulty for the examination room to prevent cheating.

Third, the choice of mobile phone signal jammer also depends on whether the brand of the jammer has corresponding product qualifications, so as to ensure the quality and performance. First of all, it is necessary to be able to test the shielding distance of the shielding device. The mobile phone networks used by the cheating candidates during the exam are different, especially the 5G mobile phone network adopts the broadband high-speed transmission method. If the power or bandwidth of the mobile phone blocker is not enough, it may not be able to block 5G. All mobile phones of all networks can be tested to ensure that each mobile phone network can be shielded to meet the needs.

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