Schools can buy many types of jammers

Schools can buy many types of jammers

Candidates taking the Haryana Teacher Proficiency Test (Htet) from November 14 to 15 will not be able to use any high-tech cheating methods as authorities have decided to take various foolproof measures, including using cell phone jammer in the vicinity of the examination room.

The increasing use of electronic devices in written tests has caused the city government to worry about the possibility of incompetent government candidates. The AAP government decided to install jammers to prevent fraud by using high tech electronic equipment to conduct examinations for the Delhi government work. In May, the Supreme Court ruled that the center had installed mobile jammers in the testing center to prevent paper leaks and other abuse. The guidelines were developed after an alleged fraud during the All India Pre-Medical Examination (AIPMT).

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In order to eliminate the possibility of high-tech fraud in the written test, the HP civil service committee set up a cell phone jammer in the exam room to test its accuracy and effectiveness. Therefore, a proposal will soon be made to the Himalayan government to provide sufficient budget for cell phone jammers to be installed in every examination room and center to avoid fraud and shopping in the process of 'High-tech exams Early detection of the exam to ensure a smooth and fair exam process.

You are so simple. The size of cell phone jammers in the classroom will vary depending on the type of equipment. If you have a more powerful phone jammer, the antenna will be located outside to provide better coverage and coverage. Another advantage of adjustable units is that they can be 'folded down' so that they do not get stuck in adjacent areas.

It can block various cell phone signals and you can call, receive and send messages and surf the internet. This means that you need to protect the following frequency ranges: CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / CDMA2000; the effective safety distance should be up to 20 meters; the school only uses signal jammers during the exam, please put them at the exit. Return to the Storage Room.

For schools, cell phone jammers are very cheap and have limited range, which can be very certain. In this way, the "restricted area" can also be well controlled without affecting passers-by or neighbors. “No man's land” stays in school or at school. "

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