Russia to launch new anti-drone system

Russia to launch new anti-drone system

Recently, Russia's "Almaz-Antey" company announced that it is improving the latest ROSC-1 anti-UAV system. Compared with others, the biggest feature of this system is that it is equipped with compact radar, advanced photoelectric system and "Wolf-18" drone, which can shield the signal interference of enemy drones and send them wrong coordinates. In addition, the "Wolf-18" UAV can launch a net to capture the target or directly crash it.

According to "Russia Today" TV station, ROSC-1 consists of three-coordinate X-band radar, photoelectric system, radio monitoring equipment and radio electronic control system, as well as a built-in automatic monitoring unit. This system is mainly used to detect and counter small drones, and can effectively counter the signal interference of drones from other countries. Its main advantages include mobility, autonomy, long-range resolution, and multi-system joint operation capabilities. The entire system can provide effective protection within a radius of 4 kilometers from the protected target, preventing the target from being attacked by enemy drones.

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The three-coordinate X-band radar of the anti-UAV system has a detection range of 25 kilometers, far exceeding other similar products. The advanced photoelectric system can identify various types of UAVs, with a range of 3 kilometers. The entire system adopts compound suppression methods, which can use multiple methods to fight against drones at the same time. When an approaching UAV is found, the system can use special means to shield drone jammer and, if necessary, make a forced landing on it. In addition, the system can also shield signals within a certain frequency range and provide false position coordinates at the same time. The enemy drones disturbed by this will change the flight direction and fly away from the target area.

Another tool of the anti-drone system against drones is the "Wolf-18" drone. This is a quadcopter with extreme maneuverability. Its size is 60 x 60 cm, its take-off weight is 6 kg, and it can stay in the air for 30 minutes. It is equipped with 3 small rocket launchers, which can launch a net to cover the enemy drone and make it land. If necessary, the UAV can also directly crash into the enemy UAV and destroy it. The "Wolf-18" UAV receives the target indication from the system, and then automatically chases the enemy UAV. The size of the mesh it launches is 2×2 meters, and the action distance is 5 meters, with a high hit rate.

The anti-drone system meets the needs of anti-drone operations. It is mainly used to deal with the attacks of suicide drones and cheap drones equipped with explosives, and can greatly improve the efficiency of countering small drone interference. The "Wolf-18" UAV has obvious combat effects when dealing with a single target. It is expected that after the entire system enters service, it will greatly enhance the Russian military's ability to fight drones.

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