Reasonable use of drone countermeasure equipment to intercept "black flying" drones

Reasonable use of drone countermeasure equipment to intercept "black flying" drones

The drone jammer countermeasure device can target illegally invaded drones through some strong jamming signals. There are many types of UAV jammer countermeasure equipment. When you choose a good type, you must test it to test whether its effect can play a better role in jamming or signal cutting off the UAV.

In order to achieve a comprehensive defense of UAVs, it is necessary to designate a comprehensive uav jammer countermeasure equipment defense plan. It is necessary to communicate and fully understand the needs in the early stage, conduct on-the-spot investigations, and recognize the characteristics of the site and surrounding environment. The combination of the machine anti-gun and the fixed UAV anti-gun vehicle-mounted anti-unmanned early warning and defense system can formulate a deployment plan in order to effectively achieve the low-altitude prevention and control goals. There are three types of anti-drone products on the market: hand-held, fixed, and vehicle-mounted. The handheld type is more convenient to carry and use in a small area. The performance of the fixed type is more stable and the protection area is large. The vehicle-mounted type is suitable for mobile and large area protection.

Wireless Remote Control Portable Drone Blocker GPS Frequency

The UAV jammer countermeasure equipment is only a tool. To achieve the expected prevention goal, it is also very important to formulate an effective deployment plan. Different scenarios or different units have different needs, as well as different single tasks and normalized prevention goals. It is necessary to consider the realization of remote monitoring and countermeasure linkage in each control area; to prevent interference and damage to activities caused by drone intrusion, and to consider the interference of surrounding buildings to radio detection and other issues.

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