Production workshops should install mobile phone jammers

Production workshops should install mobile phone jammers

Before answering the question of why mobile phone jammers need to be installed in the workshop, let's discuss the impact of using mobile phones at will in the production workshop.

1. If there is no mobile phone jammer installed in the workshop, workers will often stop their work due to a sudden call or text message during production operations to answer the mobile phone or reply to text messages.

2. There is no interference device installed in the workshop. When other colleagues are working with peace of mind, or the workshop needs a certain quiet production environment, the work environment is often disturbed by someone's sudden ringtone, which makes others work normally. affected.

3. In some assembly lines, there are no signal jammer installed in the workshop. If an employee answers the phone or flips through the mobile phone, it will cause the continuity of the entire assembly line operation and affect the production efficiency.

4. The production and processing process, processing technology, and product information of some companies are the commercial secrets of the company. If the mobile phone jammer is not installed, individual employees with ulterior motives may use the camera and video functions of the mobile phone at any time. Confidential information is leaked, causing immeasurable losses.

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5. In some machining enterprises, if the mobile phone jammer is not installed, when the mechanical equipment is running, if the operator is distracted by answering the phone, it is very likely to cause a safety production accident.

To sum up, in some production workshops or factories, the installation of mobile phone jammers is very necessary. According to the traditional rules and regulations, personnel supervision, punishment system, etc., it is impossible to completely eradicate and eliminate the proliferation of mobile phones. At present, from the perspective of technical products, a more feasible way is to install mobile phone jammers in appropriate locations in the factory area. The instrument can cover a certain area, and these coverage areas are formed into a coverage area in the form of a cellular network to achieve complete signal shielding in a large area.

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