Precautions about radio wave barriers

Precautions about radio wave barriers

Annoying prevention devices that secure out-of-service areas are attracting attention. Install a dedicated circuit breaker in places where radio waves are restricted. We are planning a high-performance out-of-service device. It is a reasonable decision to leave the service area at the discretion of the theater or station. Suppresses the communication function of mobile phones within a certain range. The effect is often good. In some cases, we may take measures to send jamming so that the phone cannot be used. Legal call suppressors are also used. Such a device may be working in a place that goes out of service.

There are some caveats when using this device. Here are some notes on jammers. It takes time for PHS mobile phones to go out of service due to differences in the performance of individual cell phone jammer. It may be difficult to cut off the mobile phone signal at the nearest base station in a certain area. There are differences in performance depending on the make and model of each mobile phone. The effect may be different. "Out of service area" may not be displayed immediately.

Handheld 3 band GSM 3G GPS shielding jammer

There are some precautions to use. Do not disturb someone else's cell phone. Please refrain from disassembling or modifying the product to illegally output it, as it is a criminal act that violates the Radio Law. The effective range may be narrowed depending on the specification environment. Also, depending on the manufacturer of the mobile phone, there are things that are easy to react and things that are hard to react. There is a fact that some countries have banned the use of portable jammers. It is effective wherever these products are located. Bad things can happen.

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