Phone protection device to achieve scientific control

Phone protection device to achieve scientific control

The supervision system is strengthening the management of institutions. Many institutions are open to the public. It is subject to social supervision. Work is shifting in the direction of domination and management. Various prisons manage science by means of information management. The prison has developed a new jammer to strengthen control. At such times, the application of high-output signal jamming devices is indispensable. Prisons are an important part of management and protection. In order to achieve scientific control, it is necessary to install a cell phone jammer.

5 Bands Desktop 3G 4G WIFI Jammer for GSM GPS Frequecncies Adjustable

Given the large construction area and high requirements at this location, the use of high power signal jammer is necessary. Such devices have a wide range of interference. Blocks all mobile phones within the specified range. You can also prevent mobile phone signals outside this area from being interfered with. Practicality is very powerful. You can work continuously. Increases the blocking function. It can be said to be a special device installed in a special place such as a camp or a military center. It is evenly distributed within the shielded area. Guarantees the required shielding effect. This is a normal cell phone jammer cannot achieve this goal.

It is highly reliable. This product completely covers the frequency band of mobile phones as a special mobile phone jammer for prisons and other special places.

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