Misunderstandings in the use of full-band jammers in the examination room

Misunderstandings in the use of full-band jammers in the examination room

In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the exam and protect the vital interests of the candidates, a full-band jammer is used in the college entrance examination examination room. Like other important exams, the use of full-band signal blocker in the college entrance examination room is also of great concern, so many misunderstandings in use must arouse everyone's attention.

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(1) In different usage occasions, the full-band jammer will have different effective shielding ranges. This problem is closely related to the field strength at the site. Different types of mobile phones may not have the same shielding range at the same site, so choose according to the actual situation.

(2) Factors affecting the range of interference include but are not limited to: distance, direction, barrier-free objects opposite to the base station, wall materials of buildings on site, installation height of full-band interferometers, installation specifications, etc., and other factors should be paid attention to.

(3) It is normal for the surface temperature of the full-band jammer to rise above 40 degrees after long-term operation.

(4) The full-band jammer is generally installed at a height of 1.8 to 2.5 meters, and the installation location should be unobstructed between the target shielding area and the target shielding area. If the antenna is to be installed vertically upward on the wall, the antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then vertically upward.

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