Men's basketball game reporters are restricted for fear of negative closing venues signal shielding

Men's basketball game reporters are restricted for fear of negative closing venues signal shielding

The 12th National Games has entered the closing day. The games will all end today, and the closing ceremony of this National Games will also be held at 4 pm today. According to the notice received from the National Games Propaganda Department last night, the reporters of the men's basketball finals will be allocated a quota system, and the closing ceremony will be controlled by cell phone jammer.

Not long after the men's basketball semi-finals ended on the evening of the 11th, at around 22:00, many reporters covering the National Games received a text message. The official notice from the National Games Propaganda Department stated: "The men's basketball final will Adopt a quota allocation system for journalists”, and attach the phone number for pre-registration.

The phone number of the media person in charge of Tiexi Gymnasium in Shenyang Division instantly became a "hotline". The incoming calls were hardly interrupted, and more than 50 calls came in within an hour. And these reporters have only one purpose, that is, to win the interview places for the men's basketball final tomorrow.

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According to the person in charge, according to the notice issued by the superior, there are only 20 photographers for the men's basketball finals to be played tomorrow at 13:00 noon, and they must receive the relevant photography vests to enter the infield. At this time, it is almost impossible for the reporters who call to make an appointment to obtain a photography quota. They can only "register first, and then see the situation." Whether it is from the central government, the Liaoning and Guangdong sides in the finals, other provinces and cities, or even Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reporters, you can basically get the quota of text reporters.

For such a difficult situation, the person in charge is also very embarrassed, "That is, 20 places, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV will account for a small half, and other mainstream media such as Liaoning and Guangdong will also need to Priority is given to care, so I can only ask media reporters to understand more."

Immediately afterwards, the National Games Publicity Office issued a notice on the closing ceremony interview, the original text reads: "During the closing ceremony of the National Games on September 12, communication control will be imposed on the closing ceremony venues, and mobile phone calls cannot be made in the venues. , cannot use mobile phone to surf the Internet. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to everyone's work."

When the reporter called the relevant person in charge of the Publicity Office, the news was confirmed. As for the consideration of "communication control", the other party's initial response was "just received a notification from the superior, not clear." But then, the Propaganda Office called back and explained: "The main reason for the communication control is to worry about malicious speculation about the National Games during the closing ceremony, and hope to guide positive reports on the National Games."

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