Lojack's nemesis - lojack jammer

Lojack's nemesis - lojack jammer

BRUSSELS Whoever thinks that thieves have no judgment is dead wrong. Let's say, when it comes to technology, some thugs have ideas. Such as those who attack cars. Faced with the proliferation of satellite tracking systems (GPS) or the tracking of GSM, clever little guys have found a queue of size: wave jammers. The small device, which costs around 200 euros, keeps thieves from being spotted, so it's able to dress up without getting stuck. That is, if this little device is a real danger!

To date, about 30 companies provide drivers with systems for locating their vehicles via GPS. Immediately after the car was stolen, the owner notified his control unit, which activated the system, allowing the vehicle to be tracked. A simple call to the police can find the car and stop the thief. Another way to stop them is to track them via GSM waves...a cautious follow-up, but proving useless with this little magic box...

This device is really a game changer as it is capable of jamming GPS waves as well as jamming GSM waves. In one simple gesture... the mob following the prey just needs to activate his jammer when it gets close to the prey. A motorist who is clearly unaware of this is immediately isolated from the means of ensuring his safety in principle. The protection unit of the following car no longer receives any signal and your mobile phone no longer responds. In short, thugs have freedom...

Legally sold online, these portable jammers have proven themselves in prisons, especially in movie theaters or theaters.

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Thales tonight claimed to have contracted SIMMT to provide partial support for 400 GSM jammers deployed on French vehicles in Afghanistan. The contract value and award date are unknown and will run for five years.

Meanwhile, electronics engineers are sharpening their knives for a more attractive supply contract for active jammers. Approximately 2,000 pieces can be ordered. Bull was the first to show his card, and Shadow will be showing it at the next RAIDS.
Thales is one of the manufacturers that has successfully implemented car GPS jammer in Afghanistan, but is not the country with the largest installed base. ARINC Technologies has won most of the DGA's favor since 2007. Other industrialists have been able to place their products, such as Thales, as well as Israeli industrialists (Elisra), Cofrexport and ESDT, who provided the first specimens.

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