Live ammunition drill, I almost suffered from the signal jamming vehicle

Live ammunition drill, I almost suffered from the signal jamming vehicle

When the target on the practice field also learned to "play tricks", I realized more deeply that the enemy will not play cards according to the routine like the target.

While I was searching for the target, an "enemy" tank suddenly came into view. The sudden situation caught me and the gunner by surprise: Why is the target setting not done according to the usual practice?

In desperation, I immediately ordered the gunner to switch ammunition types and lock on to the target. In the panic, I saw a burst of fire flickering in the distance. "The target will launch an attack?" In a critical moment, I commanded the tank to maneuver urgently. Fortunately, I was not "shot".

"It's dangerous!" There was no time to take a breath, and the special feelings came one after another. Not far ahead, an "enemy" armored signal jamming vehicle was moving rapidly.

Which one to hit first? If the armored signal jamming vehicle is attacked first, the tank will attack again at any time; if the tank is attacked, the armored signal jamming vehicle may implement electromagnetic interference to our rear after escaping, and the consequences will be disastrous.

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The fighter plane is fleeting. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to fight the "enemy" armored signal jammer vehicle first. I quickly pressed the smoke screen launch button, and under the cover of the smoke screen, I commanded the tank to maneuver in an emergency, looking for the best shooting position.

"Boom!" Shells flew out, and the "enemy" armored signal jamming vehicle was successfully destroyed. Before the smoke cleared, I immediately commanded the chariot to turn the muzzle and re-lock the "enemy" tank. Flying sand and rocks, the "enemy" tank was wiped out.

Walking off the shooting range, due to the high tension, my hands began to tremble unconsciously. Unexpectedly, the "nirvana" that I was proud of almost became a "fatal weakness".

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