Jammers make people use their phones wisely

Jammers make people use their phones wisely

In this article, you will understand how cell phone jammer work and understand the legality of their use.
Cell phones are as important as oxygen in this day and age.

According to statistics from the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, the penetration rate of cellphones in the world is quite high. In Europe, the penetration rate of mobile phones is even higher.

It's great that you can call anyone at any time. Unfortunately, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, shopping malls, and churches are all rife with the popularity of cell phones, as not all cell phone users know when to stop calling. When the interviewer shared detailed information with his friends and everyone in the area, who didn't get out of the conversation about the incredible personal situation?

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While most of us complain and move on, some fight back to the extreme. Mobile phones are essentially hand-held two-way radios. Like any radio, the signal can be disturbed or blocked.

Destroying a cell phone is like interfering with any other type of radio communication. The principle of operation of the mobile telephone A is to communicate with the service network via a cell tower or a base station. The cell tower divides the city into small areas or cells. When cell phone users are driving on the street, the signal is transmitted from tower to tower.

The jamming device transmits at the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, thereby interrupting the communication between the mobile phone and the mobile phone base station in the tower.
This is called the denial of service attack. The jammer refuses to provide radio spectrum services to mobile phone users within range of the jamming device.

Cell phones are full duplex devices, which means they use two different frequencies, one for talking and one for listening simultaneously. Some jammers only block one of the frequencies used by the phone and therefore block both frequencies at the same time. The phone was tricked into thinking that there was no service because it could only receive one of the frequencies.

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