Jammers help students improve their learning

Jammers help students improve their learning

If students do not perform well, how can they be punished for using cell phones in class? Most of the provinces in Canada are named. Teachers have the right to take coercive measures and “must” comply with the teaching regulations. Some provinces (such as Ontario) will add "students using telephones in the classroom" to the "teaching disturbance" category. Apparently I once saw a student reading an e-book on a cell phone in the classroom of a Toronto high school, but the cell phone was confiscated by the teacher and finally rejected during the joint demonstration of the students.

There is no doubt that cell phone jammer are the best way to change the way cell phones are used. Imagine if all the students in the class were playing cell phones and turning on the cell phone jammer, you could instantly regain dominance of the class. If you need to use it in a quiet place, you won't hear any annoying ringtones. When you meet up with friends, avoid everyone staring at the screen without speaking.

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Many parents on campus speak of the "cell phone war": With the popularity of cell phones, many high school students will be using their hands or cell phones to view and read emails in class, private or private. Cotton on Campus: New and Unique Features Are Worrying Teachers.

But schools also have the problem of guiding students. The Harbor School campus on Victoria Island, British Columbia is flooded with student cell phones. Headmaster Gray bought a "bluetooth signal disrupt" GSM signal "on campus. As long as someone is using a cell phone in the surveillance area, the device will quickly interfere with the cell phone signal, causing the user to feel the embarrassing voice of" please give me "the phone" . The legitimate rights and interests of the students ". Responsible is the office.

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