Jammers can fix database flaws

Jammers can fix database flaws

We also need to mention the fact that BlackBerry users are not secure here. They say BlackBerry is the most reliable operating system and all the data stored on BlackBerry is encrypted. Spiegel reported that the NSA has access to data stored on these devices, such as texts, emails, contact lists, and more. Customer information.

Keep in mind that the information you send over the Internet is always present without exception. You can't believe the media giant who created the infrastructure to run the Internet. They prove that they are watching us. Major network hardware Recall his scandal of spies surrounding Huawei, one of his providers. Perhaps a major hardware his vendor will work with law enforcement agencies such as the NSA to create backdoors for signal blocker. Smartphones and other modern wireless devices are the most dangerous here because they collect a lot of information in one place. It is very important to really hide sensitive information from this information, as it is easily available to third parties.

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In addition, IT security expert Ben Lincoln discovered that his Motorola Droid X2 smartphone shares his personal data with the company. This is not the first time a large company has attempted to retrieve user information without direct permission. His smartphone attempted to share email usernames and passwords, as well as accurate his GPS coordinate data. Ben Lincoln states that all this data is sent over an unencrypted HTTP connection. In other words, it doesn't matter if someone intercepts your data during this process.

The situation on iOS is very similar. The Apple Store has strict audit rules, and all applications must be tested and approved before entering the store. The easiest way for malware to get into her iPhone or iPad is through a third-party repository. Therefore, you can say that you have installed the virus yourself. However, while the most dangerous vulnerabilities in iOS and Android are well known, the gps blocker vulnerability in Windows Phone OS rarely appears in the media or on the Internet. But there is one. Microsoft Security Bulletin is vulnerable to the PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol using Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol Version 2) protocol, which is the authentication process for WPA2-based wireless networks in Windows Phones. I found that.

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