Jammers are a great solution for monitoring phone tracking eavesdropping.

Jammers are a great solution for monitoring phone tracking eavesdropping.

Yes, this is not a joke. I couldn't believe it at first, but this is an absolute fact. This is due to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986. That's why large corporations and privacy advocates make this law a legislative priority. Federal Judge Stephen Smith conducted his own investigation into this issue. According to his findings, in 2006, according to the ECPA, there were 30,000 sealed surveillance orders nationwide. All of these electronic monitoring commands are unsealed (in fact, most commands aren't yet sealed), but this isn't good. Conversely, electronic monitoring orders are only opened if someone commits a crime. If there is no crime, the order may remain closed and surveillance may continue. Internet activity such as email access, social network and browser history, thousands of innocent people are being monitored daily, cell phone tracking, even eavesdropping, etc. Not very good.

2 Bands Portable GPS L1 L2 Jammers Anti Tracking Protection

You may already know that homing pigeons can fly long distances, but there are other animals, such as the red shrimp, that can be completed with the locals. Studies have shown that these marine organisms can obtain location information from azimuth cues caused by many local anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field. A group of engineers at the University of Oulu in Finland have recently introduced a new indoor positioning technology or Bluetooth tag that incorporates a compass into all Android and iPhone devices and does not require a Wi-Fi hotspot, but uses specific signal processing technology. Developed. I found something interesting. The large amount of steel in the building distorted the Earth's magnetic field, creating unique models at each location in the building. The project manager's gps blocker explains: By measuring this interference, you can easily identify this location and create an interesting map. "

Last year, US law enforcement agencies made more than 1.3 million phone registration requests to mobile operator customers. In addition, these requirements are increasing, based on information gathered by Congressional investigations into mobile phone surveillance. On Monday, we released data for nine radio operators on behalf of Edward Marquee (Edward Marquee). It shows the number of record requests for all mobile phones made in 2011, but there are also some phone records blocked by jammers. Law enforcement agencies and businesses do not need to report these requirements, so they carry out the process of investigating and disseminating data accounting. Last month, Massachusetts Democrat Edward Marquee sent a letter to nine mobile operators asking them to provide data on the number and scope of these requests.

Robot technology is one of the foundations of modern technology development and global progress. In this area, not only amateurs but also professionals have many innovative ideas and enthusiasts. One of them is the well-known iRobot company that makes many cool robots such as iRobot Warrior and iRobot Roomba. That's why IEEE visited the video at headquarters and found a lot of interesting information about the technology and development of iRobot robots. These robots can be autonomous or remotely controlled, but they require some method of restraining the robot, such as signal jammer and jamming devices. It also has a variety of skills and traits. For example, many robots were inspired by nature. They are in the shape of a crab and can move on different terrains to fit the surface. Or there's a worm-like iRobot that works inside a rig and can move through tight spaces to reach places that humans can't enter.

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