Jammer-used in all countries

Jammer-used in all countries

In the four churches of Monterrey, Israel-made cell phone jammer (the size of a paperback book) are shamelessly hidden in the paintings and statues of Madonna's saints.
Japan allows jammers to be installed in public places such as theaters and concert halls, but only with government-issued approval. Last week, the French industry minister approved the decision to allow the installation of cinemas, concert halls and theaters - provided there are regulations so that emergency calls can still be made.

Tokyo-based Medic Inc. sold thousands of Wave Wall GSM jammers before the government stepped in and regulated their use through live shows.

The Catholic Margarita Escobedo (Margarita Escobedo) visits church at least twice a week and volunteers in San Genaro. She said she would welcome interferers to the ward, where cell phones get boring.

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A cell phone jammer is a tool used to prevent cell phones from receiving signals from base stations. During use, the jammer effectively turns the phone off. These devices can be used in almost any location, but they are mainly used in places where the phone disruption is particularly severe due to the expected silence.

There are many reasons you can use a cell phone signal jammer. With the approval of the local government, some of them can be used legally. Cell phone jammers are typically used for security reasons or to make cell phones mandatory. Mobile signals are blocked to prevent ringing.

When the portable jammer is active, most cell phones will not display the network signal, and when the cell phone GSM jammer is off, the cell phone will also be active. The mobile phone uses a unique frequency for calling and listening. Most cell phone jammers block one of these two frequencies, which indirectly has the effect of blocking those two frequencies. The principle of operation of cell phone jammers is the same as that of preventing jammers used in radio communication. They work by interfering with the frequency from the cell phone to the base station or the frequency from the base station to the cell phone.

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