Is it possible to destroy drones using drone strike equipment?

Is it possible to destroy drones using drone strike equipment?

At present, there are various means and ways to counter UAVs, and various uav jammer or countermeasures are emerging one after another. Recently, the solution of UAV detection + UAV jamming is also emerging. In the process of discussing many solutions for UAV defense, some customers asked, is it feasible to use UAV strike equipment to directly destroy UAVs? That is to say: in the defense area, once an illegal intrusion drone is found, it is immediately shot down or even destroyed by the drone strike device. Is this solution completely achieved?

The UAV strike equipment mentioned here does not refer to the UAV signal jamming equipment that is often mentioned in the past, but specifically refers to the strike weapons or attack methods that have hardware damage to the UAV, such as the use of bullets, artillery shells, and laser irradiation. etc. This will permanently damage and destroy the drone.

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If you want to use the drone strike equipment to carry out precise strikes on incoming drones, you must ensure that the drone can be identified within the effective defense range, and the drone's attack direction and coordinates can be identified. Accurate determination and path locking, so as to further guide the drone strike equipment to carry out precise attacks on it and achieve the effect of one-shot kill.

As far as the existing technical level is concerned, there are already a variety of means that can be used for UAV detection, such as radar detection, wireless spectrum analysis detection, optical capture and so on. Then these are linked with the drone strike equipment, so that the aforementioned destruction of the drone can be achieved.

It's just that the above-mentioned solution has a high hardware investment cost when it is implemented, and in the actual combat application on the spot, the technical level of the operator is required to be high. As a manufacturer of UAV jamming equipment, our suggestion is: unless there are important places with special needs, it is generally not necessary to raise the technical standards of UAV defense to such a high level, it seems a bit overkill to do so.

We have made such an analogy: drones are like mosquitoes, and drone signal jamming equipment is like mosquito coils. In terms of self-protection, it is enough to place a mosquito coil to keep mosquitoes away and not get hurt. Mosquito coils can also kill or drive away mosquitoes. But if you have to be serious, you have to get a gun, cannon, etc. to kill the mosquitoes one by one.

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