Is it okay to install a mobile phone jammer in a classroom?

Is it okay to install a mobile phone jammer in a classroom?

Critical admissions, qualification certificate exams or final exams need to be installed with mobile phone jammers to shield the signals of electronic devices around the exam room and avoid possible electronic cheating.

So, how large can cell phone jammer be shielded? Can only one signal jammer be used in an examination room to achieve the purpose of shielding it? How many mobile phone jammers should be used in a teaching building?

First of all, everyone must understand: The mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room has a basic theoretical shielding range, which is about 0-20 meters. But it must be noted that it is the basic theoretical distance, and the actual effect should be integrated with the local receiving sensitivity, especially whether there are signal base stations in the surrounding area. If there are signal base stations within 200 meters, the shielding effect will be compromised.

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In addition, the wall also weakens the shielding effect of the shield. The position close to the window has a stronger data signal, so the shielding effect will be weaker.

The standard classrooms of colleges and universities are generally about 75 square meters, and each classroom is equipped with a mobile phone shielding device to obtain good results. It can be placed in the middle of the classroom and can be shielded in a larger area. Naturally, this must be determined by integrating the power supply wiring. It is also common to place signal jammers at the podium.

If it is a larger classroom or there is a base station nearby, you can place two signal jammers in each classroom, one at the front and one at the front, because the shielding of the data signal increases the superposition, and a better effect of 1+1>2 will be obtained.

In addition, in order to ensure the shielding effect, another signal jammer can be arranged every 10-20 meters in the aisle of the teaching building.

Special attention is also paid to the installation height of the mobile phone jammer as far as possible from 1.5 to two meters from the road.

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