Introduction to the types of GPS jammers and detailed explanation of how to use them

Introduction to the types of GPS jammers and detailed explanation of how to use them

There are three types of GPS scramblers:

1. A GPS jammer, which blocks satellite signals (instead, it creates noise in satellite frequencies). Signals are always transmitted to devices located on the ground (or in the air) at two main frequencies: the frequency GPS (civilian L1 band used for trackers) is 1575.42 MHz. Frequency GLONASS (civil L1 band, used for trackers): 1602 MHz. Since the frequencies are so close, they are blocked by broadband noise generators and only one antenna is required.

2) GSM jammers, which create interference on the mobile operator's frequency. Operators work on different frequencies, depending on the mode (3G, 4G) and standard (GSM, DAMPS, CDMA). Therefore, several antennas are installed on the blocking device to close all ranges, which work separately.

3) Universal jammer. It works on all frequency bands like mobile operators and satellite signals. It has multiple antennas for generating interference within the selected range. It also often provides the possibility of selective operation, ie the ability to generate noise only on selected frequencies (eg only the range of the cellular communication standard GSM 1800).

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When GPS devices were created, it was very popular among militants and government agencies. However, the use of GPS in everyday life is becoming common. Additionally, GPS can keep your family and friends safe by tracking their real-time location and showing it on a private map. Therefore, parents can look up their child's location at any time. The production process in some factories is carried out by GPS devices. However, GPS use also has negative aspects. Thieves and other lawbreakers use GPS for illegal activities: tracking someone's location without their consent.

If you feel like someone is tracking your location, then let us introduce you to tools like GPS jammers. You can record every minute of private conversations and show your location. So when you want to make sure you and your privacy are protected, a GPS jammer is what you need. With this device, all "enemies" will not compromise your privacy.

GPS blocker is designed to disable GPS blocking signals. This jammer can be used to block various GPS tracking devices and block satellite tracking communications. It should be noted that GPS jammer do not interfere with mobile phone signals. This blocker is very convenient to carry because of its small size and light weight. Also, you can use an external battery as a power source or a car power source.

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