Introduction and application scope of mobile phone signal jammer

Introduction and application scope of mobile phone signal jammer

Mobile phones have indeed brought convenience to people's lives, but a lot of inconveniences have gradually appeared along with the inseparability of mobile phones. Schools do not allow cheating in exams. With the advent of mobile phones, students began to learn to cheat with mobile phones, but what if they cannot completely eliminate the existence of mobile phones? Gas stations are also places where mobile phones are not allowed, and safety accidents may occur, but what should I do if customers cannot be completely restricted? What should I do if the ringtones of my mobile phone are the most taboo when conducting a conference or a forum lecture, and I cannot confiscate them all? It can be seen that mobile phones are not only beneficial, but also add a lot of troubles to people's lives. At this time, I need a machine that can block mobile phone signals, that is, a mobile phone signal blocker.

1. Introduction of mobile phone signal jammer:

The cell phone signal jammer is to achieve cell phone signal shielding by transmitting interference signals. By transmitting a high-power signal of a certain frequency, the surrounding electromagnetic environment is severely damaged, and the mobile phone cannot normally obtain and analyze the signal from the base station, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal. Under normal circumstances, when a mobile phone enters a cell for the first time, the local cell base station will perform location update management for the mobile phone, and at the same time allocate temporary user information such as a new temporary mobile user identifier to it. After the mobile phone receives the base station information, So as to determine the location of the cell where you are located. When the mobile phone jammer works, it sends out an interference signal, which interferes with the effective signal on the broadcast channel frequency band of the base station. The interference signal increases the bit error rate of the mobile communication channel and reduces the signal-to-noise ratio of the channel, thereby affecting the mobile phone Efficient reception of base station broadcast information, when the signal-to-noise ratio is reduced to a certain extent. The mobile phone cannot decode the broadcast information of the base station normally, and thus loses contact with the base station. The mobile phone cannot determine its own service area after repeated attempts, so the mobile phone in the interference area shows no signal and is not in the service area.

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Second, how to install the mobile phone signal jammer

1. Select the area you want to block and place the signal blocker on the table in this area or hang it directly on the wall.​​

2. After the jammer is in place, connect the jammer to power and turn the jammer switch on.​​

3. You will be surprised to find that all mobile phones in this area have no signal or network support.

3. The scope of use of mobile phone signal jammers

Cell phone signal jammers are still widely used. When taking exams in schools, 1-2 or multiple cell phone jammers will be installed in each classroom, and large-scale signal jammers will also be installed in vehicles. All around the school, the signal from the mobile phone in the school will be interfered or blocked in time, so that every student's exam is really fair. When conducting an important meeting, the signal blocker can block the mobile phone signal well to prevent the important information in the meeting from being leaked. Factories will also use mobile phone signals to prevent some workers from not concentrating on work and playing mobile phones during work hours. Many military bases also use large signal jammers to prevent important military information from being leaked. Confidential for better monitoring.

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