Interfering devices ensure safe driving

Interfering devices ensure safe driving

Data from RAC, a British road rescue company, theoretically supports the development of "signal shieldbacks". According to RAC data, the number of drivers operating mobile phones while driving increased from 8% in 2014 to 31% last year. The problem is not only that the driver sends a text message while driving to make a call, but also that if the phone is within reach, a notification prompts the driver to look at the phone.

Nissan reportedly changed the signal shield to meet the needs of drivers who want "digital detox" but prefer to listen to music while driving. You can continue to use the phone via USB or a wired connection on the auxiliary port. Nissan says the shield can also be easily turned on so that the driver can easily reconnect to the phone if needed.

In response to the netizens' reaction, the reporter recently interviewed President Chen's shishishi. President Chen confirmed "installing a jammer in the classroom." According to the introduction, there are more than 2000 students and more than 40 classes. Due to the serious phenomenon of students using mobile phones in the classroom, they had a great impact on normal educational activities, so they decided to install cell phone blockers in each classroom. Currently, most classes in Central High School are set up. When these "jammers" are enabled, cell phone signals are blocked in the classroom. However, the signal will be restored as soon as you leave the classroom. Regarding the issue of "health effects," Chen, a physics major, explained that there is no scientific common sense. The installed jammer is a qualified product, its electromagnetic radiation complies with the relevant national standards, and many schools and test sites are already in use. On the other hand, from a physical point of view, the frequency of electromagnetic waves radiated from disturbing waves is low and has no effect on the human body.

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Check recruitment exams by county government workgroups, army leaders, or medical events to the county, draft the medical field by the county public security special police brigade, defend missions, and maintain closed control. Recruited and army is an orderly organization for young people to take part in exams, set up on-site and practice advanced mobile phone 4G signal blocker.

Redon County officials said that drafting work is a serious political challenge, strengthening national defense, and building an army is an important task, especially in the current international situation, which is a serious and complex case. In order to follow the work discipline and work discipline that stated that departments and personnel are involved in the conscription work, just to adhere to an open and honest conscription system, and to ensure that the military supplies high quality personnel, Practical, excellent and comprehensive quality protects excellent young people.

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