Installing cell phone jammers is a sign of responsibility for students

Installing cell phone jammers is a sign of responsibility for students

Many schools have installed cell phone signal jammers in classrooms. Some people think that the jammers emit radiation, which will affect the health of students. Some people think that this behavior will help solve the phenomenon of students playing mobile phones in class.

With the development of the economy and the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of mobile phones has made communication between people and the acquisition of knowledge convenient and efficient. At the same time, the abuse of mobile phones has also caused a lot of trouble. Especially on campus, it is a good thing that students can inquire about information through mobile phones, and acquire knowledge other than books to expand their knowledge. However, some students do not listen carefully in class, but use mobile phones to chat online and play games. , browse some unhealthy content, etc., and even pass the answer through the mobile phone during the exam, this phenomenon is not uncommon, causing a lot of interference to the normal teaching activities. Only by eliminating such interference can we maintain the normal teaching order, ensure the quality of teaching, and set the expectations for students, parents, and all sectors of society for the school.

10 Antenna Cell Phone Signal Jammer

The cell phone blocker is installed, the mobile phone signal is interfered, and the network information cannot enter the classroom, so that the classroom can restore its proper function, the students' attention will be more concentrated, and there will be more teaching interaction with the teacher in the classroom to gain more knowledge.

Of course, the installation of mobile phone signal jammers is not a very random act. The selected mobile phone signal jammers are products that strictly implement relevant national standards and have complete test reports. They will not affect the health of students, nor will they Interfere with the normal study and life of students. The interference range of the mobile phone signal jammer is also limited to the classroom, and will not interfere with the normal communication of the outside world. Of course, the installed mobile phone signal jammer does not interfere 24 hours a day, isolating the bridge between students and the outside world. The jammer can Set a timetable that is synchronized with the school’s work and rest time, turn on the jammer during normal classes, and turn off the jammer during recess and breaks, so as to restore the mobile phone signal.

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