Indian prison officials suspect that jammers cannot block signals

Indian prison officials suspect that jammers cannot block signals

The prison department requested Rs 7,201 lakhs for the transfer of cell phone jammer, Rs 11.2 lakhs for the construction of the new tower, and Rs 1.88 lakhs for annual equipment maintenance.

Singh said, "In order to get better results, we asked the Home Office to move these jammers to three prisons in order to increase the concentration of the jammers and for better results to hear a clearer and more audible voice."
The prison department also wrote to Bharat Electric Co., Ltd. on May 24th. (BEL) and expressed dissatisfaction with the saboteurs. A police officer said BEL is the only company authorized to sell wave jammers in India.

Due to concerns about the ineffective jammers in the Rajasthan Central Prison and inmates' use of cell phones, the National Prison Administration has asked the Home Office to move 2012 million rupee worth of equipment to three prisons for better results.

“Formerly in many security prisons. Jammers were not working effectively. As a result, inmates secretly used cell phones. That is what it says in a letter to the Interior Ministry on July 5.

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“Not only is it difficult for the government to restrict phone use, it also affects the security of prisons. Higher courts also take these questions seriously. The letter also states: “In order to prevent prisoners from using telephones and better intervene, we ask that you agree to the relocation of these 57 jammers. Visit the two central prisons, Bikaner and Bharatpur, as well as the maximum security prisons in Ajmer. Degree.

A jammer is a mobile communication device that transmits in the same frequency range as a mobile phone, severely interferes with the base station and prevents the transmission of mobile phone signals and calls.

When asked why the jammer cannot produce effective results, more money should be spent on the phone jammer, the prison police chief Bupendra Singh said, “If the jammer is nearby, the jammer can produce better results. For now. , The jammer for gps is placed far away and therefore cannot give the desired result.

The use of cell phones by inmates increases as the jammer (BEL) they place is ineffective. These incidents seriously affected the security of the prison. The judge of the High Court of Jaipur also ordered that the prison department recover the funds used to make artificial signal jammer in the prison. "" Spending at Rs 2,012 crore is an inefficient category of spending and raises question marks about completing the job. "

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