In what scenarios can the UAV jammer countermeasure system be used to fight against "black flying" UAVs?

In what scenarios can the UAV jammer countermeasure system be used to fight against "black flying" UAVs?

In recent years, civil drone technology has become more and more mature, and its application has become more and more extensive. At the same time, accidents and related safety issues caused by civil drones have become increasingly normal. The order of life also played a role. While civilian drones have many application prospects, they may also be used more and more maliciously.

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At present, the flying height of drones exceeds most obstacles. At the same time, the drone has a relatively stable camera flight recording system to transmit images in real time, which makes it easy to shoot key departments in the high-walled compound. Due to the tight ground around the site of major events or important facilities, in order to prevent criminals from carrying harmful items through drones and transporting them to the location over walls and railings, it is also possible to use the drone jammer countermeasure system. Here are some uncontrollable risks, some aerial photography enthusiasts, have no intention to fly the drone to the event site or this is some sensitive area. Civil aviation airports, docks, important material warehouses and administrative agencies have all suffered losses due to the intrusion of drones.

Therefore, the anti-drone jammer countermeasure system for this type of UAV is also applied. It uses the method of suppressing radio interference, the most direct and effective countermeasure method to fight against the "black flying" unmanned aerial vehicle. machine.


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With the maturity of drone-related technologies, its use in work and life is becoming more and more extensive. At present, civilian UAVs are widely used in many fields such as emergency rescue, environmental monitoring, power line inspection, aerial photography and mapping, and agricultural plant protection. However, the flight and use of UAVs need to be carried out within a reasonable and legal range. Disorderly flight and illegal flight will not only interfere with the normal operation of military and civilian aircraft, but are more likely to cause flight accidents and cause serious consequences. loss of life and property of the people. Therefore, anti-drone equipment was derived to effectively control black flying and illegal flying.

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