In response to the "black flight" situation, what methods are used for the countermeasures of UAV jammers?

In response to the "black flight" situation, what methods are used for the countermeasures of UAV jammers?

In recent years, drone countermeasure technology has developed rapidly, and each countermeasure method is different, and has been widely used in society. UAV countermeasure technology is mainly used for the control of UAVs at ordinary times. Due to the increase in the UAV market in recent years, the use of a large number of UAVs poses a serious threat to some civilian facilities and military equipment. Especially recently, some "black flying" drones have had a serious impact on airports. In fact, drone jammer countermeasure technology has risen rapidly in the market to use various means to combat "black flying" drones.

1. Signal radio frequency interference

The drone jammer emits a large number of radio frequency output signals to interfere with the connection of the satellite signal of the drone and the wireless signal connection between the operator. Once the radio frequency signal channel is cut off, the UAV that lost the signal transmission can only be forced to land on the spot or return.

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2. Weapon physical interference

Use lasers or web bombs to disrupt drones by destroying them. By formulating a certain amount of ammunition, capture and attack the rotor of the drone through orientation, causing it to fall to the ground.

Among them, drone jammer, as a type of omnidirectional signal suppression equipment, play an important role in field applications. From the perspective of usage, the countermeasure effect is obvious for jamming drones. In order to effectively counter UAVs of different frequencies, jammers can usually emit suppressive jamming signals in multiple frequency bands, making the "black flying" UAVs nowhere to hide.

The latest drone jamming gun, the size of the main body of the gun body is further reduced. In addition to meeting the basic performance of the six-band drone signal jamming, the biggest highlight is: the design of the magazine-style battery box, the battery The box is in the form of a magazine, just push it directly under the fuselage of the drone jamming gun. The battery in the battery box is the 18650 battery that can be purchased at any time in various stores. This 18650 battery is not only cheap, but the key is that no matter what brand of battery it is, it can be completely used and replaced.

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If customers choose this latest drone jamming gun, they will completely get rid of the anxiety about the power supply time. The magazine type battery box or 18650 batteries can prepare enough usage in advance without any scruples.

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