Importance of signal jammers

Importance of signal jammers

Today, electronic products such as WIFI, which require electromagnetic waves, are widely used in our daily lives. It is widespread not only in big cities but also in rural areas and is an essential element of life. However, many people are allergic to electromagnetic waves. People of that type feel pressured on their heads and chests when they go to a convenience store or family restaurant with a free Wi-Fi spot. It turns out that most of the residents of the apartment have Wi-Fi equipment installed. I understand that there are few people who do not use Wi-Fi in modern society.

The current high-speed communication is mainly fairly fast, and it seems that radio waves can reach each room even in a detached house. I imagine that it is also transmitting radio waves strongly, but what about the actual situation? There is such a problem: Is there a way to avoid or block Wi-Fi radio waves transmitted in the same apartment?

Due to the regulations of the Radio Law, it is not possible to emit strong radio waves like overseas routers, but it seems that there are products that can be used in a three-story house with the maximum power allowed within the limits of the regulations.

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I want to avoid Wi-Fi and live, but is it difficult in today's society?

It certainly seems difficult. In the United States, there are cities that prohibit the use of devices that emit radio waves, such as mobile phones and routers, and it is said that people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity are gathering. It may be necessary to create a city where the use of radio waves is prohibited. Or how about buying and making something like a soundproof box and sticking a material that blocks electromagnetic waves inside or outside the box?

By the way, electromagnetic waves have an "ionization effect" that generates positive and negative charges for the substance they hit. Because of that effect, the radio can listen to music, and electricity is generated in the TV antenna, and by amplifying it, it is possible to watch news and dramas on the LCD screen.

And it seems that human nerves are transmitted using electrical signals. Allergies such as wheat allergies and egg allergies may also occur when electrical signals generated by detecting these substances pass through nerves and are transmitted to the brain. The general brain may be ignoring the electrical signal, but the allergic brain reacts sensitively and may even die.

Similarly, I think that the nerves or brains of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity are more sensitive to WiFi radio waves than normal people. In particular, the electromagnetic waves of WiFi are in the same frequency band as microwave ovens, so I think they are more likely to have a stronger effect on the human body than radio waves such as radio and TV.

In this case, the jammer becomes the savior, and the jammer blocks the electromagnetic waves from electronic products such as mobile phones and wireless LAN within a certain range and becomes unaffected. We have a variety of portable jammer that you can carry around, activate if circumstances permit, and be shock-free.

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