If the portable frequency jammer is made into a vehicle, can it continuously block the mobile phone signal for more than 10 hours?

If the portable frequency jammer is made into a vehicle, can it continuously block the mobile phone signal for more than 10 hours?

Some customers choose our company's portable frequency jammer (model "Shengma" SMa-818T8B), mainly for the security environment and the fleet escort of important people. Because the SMa-818T8B portable frequency signal jammer has two power supply modes, one is AC power supply, and the other is powered by an external battery box. Our standard battery box is 24V80Ah capacity, which can usually ensure the portable frequency jammer. Continuously block the mobile phone signal for 1.5-2 hours.
The customer said that because the fleet escorts have a long distance and hundreds of kilometers, they need to be able to shield mobile phone signals along the entire route, and the long time required to reach 10 hours. We suggest that the safest method is to use the power generator for the car. Retrofit instead of accumulating power from multiple battery packs.

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Because if the whole set of frequency jammers (each set includes 2 main boxes of SMa-818T8B and 8 high-power interference modules in each box) are powered by batteries, the power consumption is basically equivalent to that of an electric car. , the volume is very large, which will seriously occupy the load ratio of the vehicle and the storage space of the vehicle.

In addition, the high-power portable frequency jammer itself is a "big power consumption tiger", and its power consumption is basically equivalent to the normal power consumption of a 5-horse air-conditioning cabinet or an electric car. Therefore, the customer provides the 10-hour power supply. The requirement is that our company should come up with a plan. The power modification of the vehicle is the only recommendation, and the battery will continue to supply power for 10 hours. This requirement is a huge problem in the battery industry. Think about it, how to make a Tesla run continuously for 10 hours? If there is a good solution, Tesla's Musk will wake up laughing!

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