How was the phone tapped?

How was the phone tapped?

Why does your mobile phone keep receiving spam messages from fake base stations? Many netizens here questioned it, and the most pertinent thing is that although it is a new 3G or 4G card, it still receives short messages from the pseudo base station. In principle, it has nothing to do with the phone itself. Generally, smart phones now support at least 3G networks.

One thing to add here is that 4G and 3G cards in underdeveloped areas are backward compatible with GSM. In this way, there are still opportunities for pseudo base stations. So, simply set the phone to only receive 3G or 4G mode.

Today, we will mainly talk about how your phone was tapped?

I believe that everyone has received spam messages in their mobile phones, saying that they can copy a card for you, and then they can help you eavesdrop on the call and text messages of the number you want to listen to, and you only need to provide your phone number. So is this true?

The answer is definitely false. Don't say that only the mobile phone number is provided. Even if the original card is given to you, you will not be able to copy the eavesdropping card. The reason is simple. The old GSM cards that can be copied are basically the old GSM cards, and the GSM cards also require network authentication. At the same time, only one of the two cards can be connected to the network.

So can it be eavesdropped? Tell you, it's totally possible.

Moreover, such bugs are sold everywhere. In this era, we live in a vacuum where there are no secrets of personal information and no one is managed.

Although it is a 3G or 4G network now, the call quality is undoubtedly better than GSM, so many operators, except for telecommunications, use GSM networks as their preferred voice calls.

The price of a GSM network monitor in a certain market is only a few hundreds of dollars. And it looks very broken, and it seems that the cost is very low. The point here is that you don't try to buy. Because now there are scammers everywhere on the Internet, and I see ridiculous descriptions: Can monitor 16 mobile phones at the same time, and can also monitor various mobile phones.

What I personally tested is that only one mobile phone can be monitored, and it must be a network call or text message such as GSM. And the location of the eavesdropper must be on the line of the call between your mobile phone and the base station, with an offset of no more than 30 degrees.

When we are having an important meeting or conversation, we don't want to be monitored by other people or don't want to disclose the conversation, what should we do? The best way is to carry out signal jammer. Place signal jammers around us to keep mobile phones and monitoring devices in a non-signal state, so that we are in a relatively safe and private environment, so that our meetings can be well protected. , The conversation can proceed smoothly and safely.

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