How to use the police jammer to achieve the best effect

How to use the police jammer to achieve the best effect

Question: How to use the police jammer to achieve the best effect

Answer: In order to maximize the interference effect of police jamming vehicles, the usage methods are as follows:

1. Fixed site:

1) Professionals use a spectrum analyzer to accurately detect the frequency of wireless signals at the control site in advance, and then adjust the output frequency of each frequency band of the police jamming vehicle according to the data, so that the output signal of each frequency band of the jamming vehicle can be more effective. Targeted, so that the module can play the greatest role in the field of use.

2) Park the police jammer at a higher position. When the antenna is raised, the shielded signal will cover a larger area.

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2. Mobile site:

1) Adjust the output frequency of each module to ensure that the output frequency of all modules can be seamlessly connected, in addition to keeping the frequency used for internal communication.

2) When driving at high speed, intersperse police signal blocker in the middle of the fleet. If there are many vehicles, it is recommended to use multiple jammers.

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