How to test the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer?

How to test the shielding distance of the full-band signal jammer?

The effective shielding range of the full-band signal jammer will be different in different usage sites. This is closely related to the signal field strength at the scene. Mobile phones of different standards may not necessarily have the same shielding range at the same site.

When choosing a test location for a full-band signal jammer, it depends on the distance between the surrounding base stations and the test site. We generally require the base station to be 300 meters away from the test site, and there is an obstruction in the middle, so the test effect is relatively ideal.

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After selecting the test location, start to erect the full-band cell phone jammer. For non-fixed installation, the full-band signal jammer needs to be erected on the table; for fixed wall installation, the installation height of the full-band signal jammer is required to be within the range of 1.5-1.8 meters. The full-band signal jammer has been debugged and aged well before leaving the factory, and it can work directly after powering on, without any debugging.

After the full-band signal jammer is turned on, prepare mobile phones of various standards, and move away from the full-band signal jammer gradually in a straight line along the front of the antenna. Set the positions of 5-10-15-20-25 meters respectively, ensure that there is no obstruction in the middle, try to keep the mobile phone at the same height as the shoulder, stay at each point for 2 minutes, check whether the mobile phone has a signal, and try to make a call , Internet access, if it cannot be connected, move to the next point and perform the same operation. Until the point where the call can be made, the point cannot be shielded.

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