How to protect yourself with a signal jammer

How to protect yourself with a signal jammer

We have come to the era of information networks: everyone's life is inseparable from personal computers, smart phones, etc., and even personal cars are equipped with many electronic functions, all of which must be connected to the network. There have been several incidents where hackers have stolen personal data, and it's easy for us to inadvertently steal privacy, but now we can take extra steps to protect our information, using signal interference. Advanced protection technologies such as devices.

Hackers steal personal information every day around the world. As the technology evolves, it is easier to happen and the method is more subtle. Even if you turn off your computer and leave the office, remember your data is safe, but hackers can even steal your information without even having to log in. In this case, it is essential that companies and organizations with sensitive data invest in signal jammer to protect our information.

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In fact, the jammer is not a new product, its predecessor can be traced back to radio waves, mainly using the body's radio waves to interfere with the corresponding radio wave signal, thus preventing the device from protecting itself reception or transmission of the radio signal. Protect information security. Earlier this year, The New York Times announced new NSA technology that could access computers even when they were offline. This means that even if you turn off your computer or mobile phone, your personal information will be at risk and difficult to prevent, especially if the company has important data, otherwise it will be invaded by a hacker. The program and new technical information have been disclosed. Also, hackers can use electromagnetic radiation spies and accelerometers to break through steel walls or use smartphones as keyloggers.

Signal jammers have been used in many applications, for example in the examination room to prevent candidates from cheating during the test, as well as in hospital operating rooms to prevent certain signals from affecting normal operation of medical equipment. Some specialized departments use them to prevent hackers from attacking or having data stolen.

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