How to install the conference room shield

How to install the conference room shield

Many times, customers are asking, how to distribute and install conference room shields?

Regarding how to install the shielding device in the conference room, without considering the influence of the on-site electromagnetic environment on the shielding effect of the shielding device, the installation method of the shielding mainly depends on the area of ​​the conference room:

(1) For a conference room less than 150 square meters, a conference room shield can basically meet the shielding coverage of the entire conference room. The shield can be placed on the desktop, or it can be hung on the wall. If it needs to be concealed, The shield can be placed on the ceiling, but the ceiling cannot be metal.

(2) For conference rooms larger than 150 square meters and less than 500 square meters, a conference room isolator is provided for every 150 square meters, and according to the number of isolators, the isolators are evenly distributed in the conference room, and the isolators can also be placed on the ceiling. .

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(3) For large conference rooms larger than 500 square meters, if a low-power conference room isolator is selected, one isolator should be equipped for every 150 square meters, and the isolators are evenly distributed according to the number. Or choose a high-power conference room jammer, just place the wifi jammer at the back of the conference room, equipped with omnidirectional or directional antennas.

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