How to install a full-band jammer when there is a base station 100 meters away from the examination room?

How to install a full-band jammer when there is a base station 100 meters away from the examination room?

The shielding distance of the full-band signal blocker is closely related to the strength of the on-site signal, in other words, it is related to the distance of the nearby base stations. The closer the base station is, the shorter the shielding distance is; the farther the base station is, the farther the shielding distance is. So how to install a full-band jammer when the base station is close to each other?

(1) One machine cannot completely shield a classroom, and increase the number of full-band jammers to achieve full coverage of a classroom.

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(2) Purchase a high-power full-band jamming jammer. The greater the power, the greater the shielding range.

(3) The school should come forward and contact the three major operators to ask them to adjust the transmission direction of the base station antenna or reduce the output power, thereby reducing the signal strength. In this way, the shielding distance of the full-band jammer is also improved.

(4) Install high-efficiency electromagnetic shielding materials: Use high-efficiency electromagnetic shielding materials around the electronic equipment in the examination room, such as Teflon, steel plate or copper mesh, to block the interference of base station signals.

(5) Install a shielding cover: Installing a shielding cover in the examination room can effectively shield the interference of the base station signal. A shield can be a box made of metal that wraps around the electronics, or a sleeve made of copper mesh into which the electronics are placed.

(6) Using a jammer is a device specially designed to shield electromagnetic signals. There are several types of jammers that can be used to block base station signals. For example, different types of jammers such as high frequency jammers, low frequency jammers, cable jammers, etc. can be used.

(7) Adjust the position of the electronic equipment: place the electronic equipment in the position where the influence of the base station signal is the least, which can reduce the interference. Electronic devices may be placed in the test room as far away from the base station as possible, if possible.

(8) No matter which method is adopted, a practical test is required in the examination room to ensure that the electronic equipment can work normally and will not be interfered by the base station signal. At the same time, it should be noted that the use of jammers or other shielding devices in the examination room may have a certain impact on the function of electronic equipment, so adequate testing and evaluation is required.

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