How to improve the interference effect of full-band jammer?

How to improve the interference effect of full-band jammer?

After the full-band jammer is turned on, the effective coverage area of ​​its shielded signal usually ranges from tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters. However, due to the influence of communication base stations or other factors near the use scene, the shielding range may not achieve the desired effect. At this time, people always want to use some methods to expand the coverage of the shielded signal, so that the shielding effect of the cell phone jammer can be greatly improved. improvement. So, what are the ways to improve the shielding effect of the jammer?

We can look for it in several ways. The first one is to analyze from the full-band jammer itself. For example, whether the jammer device is a qualified product of a regular manufacturer, whether the frequency band it works in is completely correct, and whether there is an excessive frequency bandwidth. Is the frequency band division of the jammer reasonable? Is there an excessive frequency band combination? Is the gain value of the antenna matched with the jammer device ideal? If the gain of the antenna is only 1-2dB, then replace it With an antenna with a gain value of 3-5dB, the shielding effect will be significantly improved.

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The second is to analyze the installation environment and surrounding environment of the full-band jammer, such as: is the jammer installed on the wall or on the desktop? Is the installation height too high? The usual recommended installation height is about 1.8 meters. Or is the height too low and placed directly on the ground? This will cause too many obstacles in the signal transmission path, resulting in serious attenuation and thus affecting the shielding effect. In addition to these factors, observe and analyze the distribution of the surrounding base stations and the installation location of the jammer. It is recommended to select the transmission path from the base station to the site, usually close to the window of the room.
However, if you want the full-band jammer to cover a larger range, the simple and direct way is to use a jammer with more power.

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