How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone signal jammers?

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone signal jammers?

1. Check the process of mobile phone signal jammer

High-quality cell phone signal jammers are made of qualified materials from the shell to the internal components. Its design is reasonable and scientific, fully considering the practicability, durability and actual effect of the product. You can also test the performance of the cell phone signal jammer or check the internal packaging of the product.

2. Choose the brand of cell phone signal jammer

Nowadays, there are many brands of mobile phone signal jammers on the market, but there are very few brand products with real strength. Users can consult with online professionals to understand the authenticity of the blocker brand.

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3. Check and test the relevant functions of mobile phone signal jammer products

At present, there are many low-quality mobile phone signal jammers on the market. In order to sell at a low price, the function of the product is usually changed, mainly to reduce some circuits that optimize the signal, such as automatic gain control. This kind of cutting corners will lead to very different use of cell phone signal jammers, which will seriously affect the normal application of cell phone jammers.

4. Check the cell phone signal blocker for interference

When the number of installed equipment increases, poor-quality mobile phone signal jammers will cause very serious interference to the surrounding base stations. Obviously, when the mobile phone signal is full, it is impossible to make calls, thus seriously affecting the communication of others. This behavior is actually wrong. Of course, there will also be interference problems with good quality mobile phone signal jammers, but under the same power, the interference of good quality high-end mobile phone signal jammers is several times or even dozens of times smaller than that of poor quality mobile phone signal jammers. times.

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