How to deal with GSM jammers?

How to deal with GSM jammers?

Currently, most alarms are wireless, and some tools used by thieves are replacing knives with signal jammer.

GSM jammers or "jammers" are new weapons used by thugs to combat GSM alarm communications.

GSM jammers can be packed in your pocket and some entry-level products cost less than € 50. This tool is only suitable for certain organized criminals, and only if this technology proves to be effective will a small number of thieves continue to grow. At least for individuals, the device is regulated, not to mention banned in France, but of course you can easily get a "banned" model with just a few clicks on the internet.

How does GSM jammer work?

A GSM jammer or GSM blocker hides only the GSM band. The radio communication between the control panel and its components is unaffected because it is transmitted in the 433 and / or 868 MHz band.

Therefore, anti-theft devices use gps jammers to prevent phone alerts from being sent. The thief can also disconnect the phone line to prevent the alarm from coming out of the house.

How to protect your GSM error alert system

The solution was completely wrong and the alert maker didn't take a long time to develop a solution.

In fact, the safest alarm model has several techniques that can be used to identify and prevent GSM interference.

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Failure detection

This feature includes identification and explanation of the meaning of GSM signal loss: Destruction Attempt. The control unit then issues an alarm to signal the failure over another communication channel.

GSM + PSTN communication

When an alarm occurs, the alarm center uses the available communication channels. Most alarm systems have disconnection alerts, so users will immediately receive fault alerts on one of the two lines.

IP alarm

The IP protocol is sent over an ADSL line that may be physically isolated, but dedicated IP alarms are less secure, and if the alarm box resets too long, the alarm box resets too long. , A failure will occur. The risk of warning is high. Interpreted as a possible obstruction.

Interferometer technology is not limited to GSM. Some jammers operate on wireless connection channels. It is typically used for communication between the control panel and its wireless device.

Therefore, this cell phone blocker can completely offset the detection system of the alarm system. However, almost all alarm systems today have self-monitoring capabilities to protect them from such events. If one or more detectors are not identified, the control unit will alert the owner by SMS or phone.

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