How to configure a full-band jammer in a standardized examination room

How to configure a full-band jammer in a standardized examination room

In order to protect the interests of the vast majority of candidates and improve the fairness of the exam, necessary restrictive measures must be taken against the cheating of a few people. The exam management department has adopted the method of installing a full-band jammer.

So, how to configure a full-band jammer in a standardized test room? Under normal circumstances, we recommend using low-power machines in normal standardized examination rooms. Equipping one full-band cell phone jammer in an examination room is enough to shield the entire examination room. If the signal field strength is relatively strong or the area is relatively large, multiple full-band jammers can be used to achieve full coverage.

Some people will ask, if there are many test rooms in one test site, how to manage the full-band jammers in a centralized and unified manner? We have several options for this.

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(1) Manage the full-band jammer through the existing power carrier/433MHz wireless communication, and realize the software unified switch, timing, fault alarm and other functions. And using 433MHz wireless communication, some people will ask questions. What the full-band jammer shields is the wireless signal, will it interfere with communication? There is no need to worry about this at all, usually the lowest transmission frequency band of our full-band jammer is 865-885MHz. It does not interfere with 433MHz wireless. will not affect the license.

(2) Through the TCP/IP protocol, a fixed IP address needs to be configured for each full-band jammer. This communication method requires a network cable for each machine.

The use of full-band jammers ensures the fairness and justice of the examination room. However, some parents of candidates feel uneasy about this, worrying that it will affect the normal performance of their children in the college entrance examination. In fact, the parents of candidates have no concerns about this aspect at all. These devices will not cause harm to the bodies of candidates and test staff, and this full-band jammer can be completely silent, and will not affect the normal performance of children's college entrance examinations. play.

Whether any kind of electromagnetic wave emitting equipment is harmful to the human body depends on the specific absorption rate of the human body to electromagnetic waves. The radio frequency radiation safety standard SAR recognized by the International Non-ionizing Radiation Protection Committee is up to 2.0, and the standard in my country is 1.5. The transmission power of the current wireless communication base station transmission tower is generally 40W~50W, and the specific absorption rate value of the human body for electromagnetic waves is below 1.0 when the distance from the transmission tower is 20 meters to 30 meters. The full-band jammer used in the examination room is a micro-power device, and its transmission power is generally less than 3W. In this case, the specific absorption rate of electromagnetic waves by the human body is negligible. Therefore, the full-band jammer used in the examination room does not pose a hazard to human health.

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