How to choose topsignaljammer cell phone signal jammer

How to choose topsignaljammer cell phone signal jammer

We are from Shenzhen, the birthplace of electronic products. Our company mainly develops, designs and produces mobile phone signal jammers. With the continuous expansion of market share, topsignaljammer has been facing the world. Advanced machinery and equipment and exquisite craftsmanship have won the repurchase of our customers.

The appearance of topsignaljammer mobile phone signal jammer is divided into built-in antenna and external antenna, and built-in antenna. The built-in antenna shell is made of high temperature-resistant plastic shell, which is more beautiful in appearance and convenient for storage, without the need to install an antenna.

The external antenna radiator uses alloy to combine the circuit board with the shell through the process of oxidation and paint, and fully utilize itself to achieve the heat dissipation effect. Compared with the built-in antenna, it is not too convenient to install the external antenna, and the heat dissipation effect of the external device will be better. Since the external mobile phone signal jammer is separate from the movie and the host, it will not add extra burden to the host and work better for a long time.

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In addition, the power of each mobile phone signal jammer is different, and the scenes and ranges used are also different. The equipment is simple and easy to operate, it can be used when plugged in, and it is easy to store. Suitable for school examination rooms, conference rooms, confidential places, prisons.

The choice of mobile phone signal jammer is the most important, and each environmental signal is different. Choose the right one is the best. When buying a mobile phone signal jammer, you can compare the parameters and functions, whether it can block the SDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G/5G mobile phone signal jammer for the three networks of China Mobile Unicom and Telecom. The larger the power output of each channel, the better the shielding effect. The network operators in each country are different, and so are the network standards used in different regions. The sales staff of Dogo mobile phone signal jammer can recommend suitable equipment for you according to each country and region.

Choose topsignaljammer mobile phone signal jammer, to give you high-quality equipment, after-sales peace of mind, sales are not only products but also our intrinsic product value!

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