How to choose a reasonable UAV countermeasure equipment?

How to choose a reasonable UAV countermeasure equipment?

In the face of different detection systems of UAV counter equipment, different choices can be made according to the main prevention goals, actual application environment and working principle.

For some routine defense targets, such as large-scale activities such as gymnasiums and concerts, the defense areas are mostly in cities. In this environment, handheld drone countermeasures can be used. The advantages of flexibility and easy portability can be found here. Such a place can give full play to its role. If it is in important places such as prisons, oil depots, detention centers and chemical plants, it needs to be guarded 24 hours a day, which requires the configuration of drone countermeasures with more powerful functions and better countermeasures. Due to the influence of distance, the configuration generally does not play a substantial role. If it is in a remote border area, frequency detection, signal cracking, and radio wave induction can be used to force the "black flying" drone to land. In the wild environment, high-power uav jammer can be used in open spaces, that is, to make full use of the advantage of wide interference distance.

Different places have different choices. When choosing UAV countermeasure equipment, you should understand the demand, use place, interference area and other information, and consider it repeatedly in order to give full play to the advantages of UAV equipment and maximize the countermeasure effect.

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Reasonable selection of UAV countermeasure equipment

In some basic parameters, in principle, UAV countermeasure equipment can increase the transmission power to interfere with long-distance targets. Doing so may cause some unnecessary troubles, especially for GPS signal interference, which may affect surrounding cell phone base stations, nearby airports, etc., seriously interfere with the rights and interests of GPS users, and cause electromagnetic pollution and other problems.

At present, the Market Supervision Bureau has not specified the output power and quality standards of UAV countermeasure equipment. Some manufacturers arbitrarily increase the transmission power in order to improve the shielding effect of UAV countermeasure equipment, which is not a rational behavior. By reducing the power output of UAV counter equipment as much as possible, thereby increasing the effect of antenna transmission, making the signal more accurate and concentrated to lock the target, and improving the counter effect. It is very necessary to establish technical standards for UAV countermeasures, to prevent arbitrary increase in power, and to reduce the possibility of omnidirectional antenna radiation.

The method of adapting measures to local conditions should be adopted to monitor the actual distance of the "black flight" of the UAV. Just blindly increasing the transmission power of the countermeasure equipment can only cause environmental pollution. For example: in a protection area of 500m*500m, it is sufficient to use UAV countermeasure equipment with an interference distance greater than 1000m, and it is not necessary to install countermeasure equipment with a higher distance. Although the interference distance of the UAV countermeasure equipment with increased power is increased, the cost is relatively increased, and the pollution to the nearby environment is also increased.

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