How to choose a mobile phone signal jammer for a venue of about 1000 square meters?

How to choose a mobile phone signal jammer for a venue of about 1000 square meters?

A client proposed to have a venue of about 1,000 square meters and required to install a mobile phone signal jammer in the venue to ensure that the venue was quiet and orderly during the meeting. The length and width of the venue is about 40 meters * 30 meters, and the height above the venue is about 20 meters.

First of all, we should know that when the cell phone jammer is turned on, it first needs to have a 220V AC power supply, which determines that the mobile phone jammer can only be installed on the walls or the top space around the venue.

Secondly, for the shielding range of mobile phone signal jammers, the effective shielding range of low-power mobile phone jammers (power 2-3W per frequency band) is 5-15 meters in radius. The coverage of the shielded signal formed by the cellular network of multiple low-power mobile phone jammers can basically achieve the effect of complete coverage. However, the number of low-power mobile phone jammers required by this method is a little more, and roughly 8-12 units are required.

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In fact, another medium-power mobile phone jammer selection scheme can also be provided, such as selecting our SMa-818K90 medium-power mobile phone signal jammer, the output power of each frequency band can reach 10-20W, shielding the signal. The effective coverage range can reach 20-40 meters. According to this estimate, the entire venue is expected to install 2-3 sets to achieve complete coverage of shielded signals.

Of course, these are just the numbers and predicted shielding effects based on conventional experience. If you want to truly achieve practical equipment selection and effective shielding, it is best to assign our technicians to pick up professional testing equipment to conduct an actual site survey, and then make the most accurate design of the mobile phone jammer at the venue.