How to choose a mobile phone jammer in different application scenarios

How to choose a mobile phone jammer in different application scenarios

Recently, many customers have been inquiring about how to choose a mobile phone jammer in different application scenarios, in which scenarios can high-power devices be selected, and in which scenarios should low-power devices be selected, this problem has been plaguing customers, and I will introduce to you next. In different application scenarios, you should choose a high-power machine or a low-power machine.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that if you need to shield the indoor environment, such as school classrooms, dormitories, courts, conference rooms, production workshops and other small and relatively transparent environments, you can use low-power cell phone jammer, because the cost of low-power machines is relatively small. It can be intermittent or uninterrupted in some areas where mobile phone signals need to be shielded, which can not only save costs, but also achieve the purpose of shielding mobile phone signals, and the cost performance is relatively high. If there is a blind spot for shielding in a certain area, you can also add a jammer to shield the mobile phone signal in this area near the blind spot, which has strong operability and convenient installation.

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If the outdoor environment needs to be shielded, or the indoor area is large and relatively transparent, such as mining areas, oil depots, outdoor areas of supervision sites, large conference rooms, lecture halls, theaters, etc., high-power mobile phone jammers can be used. For high-power machines, due to the large transmission power of the machine itself, the shielding range will be correspondingly larger. The field strength of the outdoor mobile phone signal is normally stronger than that of the indoor one. If you use a low-power machine, it will definitely not work indoors. Therefore, in the outdoor transparent environment, it is more suitable to use high-power machines.

In some relatively large production workshops, large conference rooms, lecture halls and other places, medium-power mobile phone jammers can be used to interfere with mobile phone signals. These areas are basically transparent environments. If you use low-power mobile phone jammers , the middle area is easy to leak signals, resulting in blind spots for shielding, and the middle area cannot be installed with low-power shielding devices normally. It is not suitable to use low-power machines in such areas. At this time, you can choose medium-power mobile phone jammers, both The shielding effect can be guaranteed, and the number of installations is relatively small. A little beautification will not affect the overall decoration environment.

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